Get Some Fresh Air

Open your doors or windows for at least 10 minutes a day.

Do you do this often?  I do in religously in the Spring and Summer, but I am not so good about it in the Winter.  This can significantly improve your indoor air quality by simply increasing the ventilation.

Our houses/offices are filled with lingering toxic chemicals.  They could be from your furniture, carpet, or simply from your cleaning products. This is really important to let in fresh air, and letting it circulate throughout your house and/or office.

My son and I struggle with allergies, and I have began noticing that we are able to breathe easier when we have the doors and windows open.  As well as, suffering less severe symptoms since we have starting doing this.

*Side note: Don’t forget to turn off the AC or Heater when you choose to open the doors and windows.   And then of course turn it back on after you close them back up…. or you might end up with a very chilly house and family.  On the bright side it was a good excuse to get my husband to start a fire.